Anonymous: opinions on fucking jews? 


This question is ambiguous. Did you mean:

a) ‘What do you think about (the) fucking Jews (as a race, ethnoreligious group)?
Indifferent. Lovely people, just like anyone else.

b) ‘What do you think about “conducting coitus” with Jews?
Not amused. I’d have to find a Jew willing to do the dirty with me first. That alone seems damn near impossible.

c) ‘What do you think about fucking (over the) (as in destroy, annihilate, make life hard) Jews?
I think it’s horrible and has been done copious amounts of times throughout history. I don’t want to play any part in “fucking (over the)” Jews or any other race or minority group for that matter.


I’m too stressed out that I just want to stay in bed and never get out. I’m staying in my room forever.

i had a dream last night about material things

anyone want to smoke with me, or does anyone have an addy in missoula

at what point of my essay do i smoke pot for inspiration. I need to be far enough along that I dont fall asleep before it is finished

i wish i was playing atv offroad fury right now